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Our Mission:


A television station based on the principles of enlightening minds, whose sole purpose is to promote cultural, inspirational and spiritual practices preserving all things we hold dear to us as Hindus.

Our Vision:


Sankhya Television will be the premier station to promote, enlighten and increase awareness and understanding of Hinduism in the Western Hemisphere.

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Our Story:

Sankhya Television is Trinidad and Tobago’s first dedicated Hindu television station, we are an organisation centred around bringing 100% Cultural, Inspirational and Spiritual content to our viewers.


Our station was conceived through divine inspiration in 2010 by our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Sherry Singh. It is through her vision, commitment and hard work Sankhya was able to “open its doors” in July 2010 and has been constantly evolving since. Sankhya’s main focus is to create and expand on the enthusiasm for our rich culture and traditions by highlighting our Religion.


Our strong belief in dharma has allowed us to grow from humble beginnings in 2010 to a powerhouse of live, dynamic, exciting programming that enlightens and spreads positivity into the homes and hearts of our viewers. Our content and programming is designed to spread knowledge and well being, in the hope that we can inspire the young and upcoming generations to not only learn but to have a full appreciation for our practices and carry on that connection with the divine handed down through our ancestors.  


Sankhya Television is the fastest growing Hindu television station in the region and is now offered by all of the cable providers in Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, we also have an international following that engages with us and connects to their rich culture and religion through our website (via live stream) and our Facebook page.  

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