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Param Dhaama Aashrama

See Facebook Page for futher details. 

1-868-381-0441 or 759-6091 or

The Param Dhaama Aashraam was founded by Sri Ravi Bharati in 1997. Param means Supreme and Dhaama means abode. Param Dhaam, means the highest abode or supreme abode. It is symbolic of the highest mental state of Man, that where he sees everything as God.

Sri Sachchidanada Yoga Ashrama

8A Rochard Road, Penal, Rochard Rd, Trinidad & Tobago


Gaja Nanan Ganesh Mandir

Platanite Trace Rochard Road. Penal, Trinidad and Tobago.

1-868- 292-1940 or 1-868-325-6664   

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Patiram Trace

Patiram Trace, Penal, Trinidad and Tobago. 

Triveni Mandir


#185 Sister’s Road, Hardbargain, Williamsville, Trinidad & Tobago

1-86 784-9808 or 1-868- 735-8653      

It all began way back in the year 1946 – when a cultural organization was formed in Hardbargain .This organization comprised of members of St. Julien,Dyers Village and Hardbargain with a group of approximately 50 hard core members, 14 of which were actively involved in Ramayan Satsangh every Saturday night.
 This group was referred to as Ramayan goal, with the person in charge being called the captain. Who was the late Mr. Moon Bissamber. 

Sarvadeo Mandir


LP 97 # 40 Sisters Road New GrantPrinces Town, Trinidad and Tobago.

See Facebook Page for more details.

The mandir is in Sisters Road New Grant Trinidad. It's leaders are Pundit Krishna and Pundit Jisnu.

More temples in South Trinidad Coming Soon...

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